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Need for Transparent Pricing:

iMediSave.com, founded by Dr. Parth Parikh, PharmD, is an independent pharmacy with a patient-centric approach. Dr. Parikh's interest in independent pharmacy lies in the community feel and the opportunity to impact patients' lives positively. Despite being a low cost pharmacy with mainly phone interactions, iMediSave.com prioritizes prompt patient support.

The cost-plus model sets iMediSave.com apart from traditional pharmacies, as it does not accept insurance. This allows the pharmacy to set medication prices independently, potentially making them more affordable. The key advantage of this model is transparency, as Dr. Parikh openly discusses the prices to medications. This fosters trust and confidence in patients, who can see the actual cost and potential savings without insurance.

Transparency in pricing strengthens patient-pharmacist relationships, as patients are pleasantly surprised by the cost savings compared to insurance-based options. This leads to increased patient loyalty and ongoing engagement with the pharmacy. Patients not only return for prescriptions but also seek advice on other health conditions.

Moreover, the transparency also benefits iMediSave.com's relationships with physicians. The pharmacy serves as a valuable resource for providers struggling with cost management, leading to meaningful conversations and patient referrals. This model opens up access to all medications across the country.

While the cost-plus model offers competitive prices, Dr. Parikh acknowledges the continued importance of insurance, especially in emergencies. He explains to patients the relevance of insurance despite the attractive pricing, striking a balance between affordability and insurance coverage necessity.

In conclusion, iMediSave.com's patient-centric approach, supported by the cost-plus model and transparency, has built strong patient and physician relationships. The pharmacy's focus on affordability and trust has resulted in loyal customers and a positive reputation in the community. While offering competitive pricing, iMediSave.com also recognizes the significance of insurance in certain situations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meeting patients' pharmaceutical needs.


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